Nominees 2017



1. Julia Gasper, a councillor in the UK, for her “queer dictionary”, featuring definitions like: "openly gay - attends Pride parades wearing just a leather belt and lipstick and waving his genitalia at the youngest children he can find", and "homophobes - “a normal, healthy and well-adjusted person.” (Pink News, 26/5/16)

2. Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham for claiming that people will soon take up wearing adult nappies to avoid transgender people in bathrooms. (Pink News, 30/6/16)

3. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation, who declared that up to 85% of gay men aren't actually gay—they're just possessed by female ghosts. (SBS, 9/12/16)

4. Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Chechen Government, for deciding that gay men should be rounded up and arrested, then herded into concentration camps and eliminated. (Pink News, 10/4/17) *WINNER*


1. Cartoonist Larry Pickering for telling a Q Society dinner that, while he doesn't like Muslims: “They’re not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.” (Out In Perth, 10/2/17) *WINNER*

2. Mark Latham for calling a high school student "gay" for taking part in a video supporting feminism, he said: “The boys at the boys’ school look like dickheads doing their video, total dickheads. I thought the first guy was gay.” (SMH, 29/3/17)

3. The Morning Show's media commentator Peter Ford, who, when discussing Johnny Depp's marriage, said: "I probably shouldn't say this, I'll probably get in trouble, but... it's not wise to marry a bisexual." (SMH, 31/5/16)

4. Miranda Devine for comparing marriage equality advocates to ISIS, saying: "It’s the social form of warning off perfected by ISIS when they publicly behead people or lower them in cages into swimming pools..." (Daily Telegraph, 2/10/16)

5. Sonia Kruger for criticising a high school scholarship program for LGBTI students, saying "It sort of feels like reverse discrimination to me." (Huffington Post, 1/8/16)


1. Australian Christian Lobby’s Victorian director Dan Flynn, for confusing everyone in an article titled, 'This is where removing gender from marriage is taking us', he wrote: "If you take gender out of marriage you take gender out of sex education and you take gender out of school toilets.” (ACL, 30/9/16)

2. Anglican reverend Michael Stead for telling a senate inquiry that "ordinary Christians" – including individual business owners – should not have to participate in same-sex weddings, saying: “It's not about denying services to gay people, but about the right to not participate in same-sex weddings." (BuzzFeed, 24/1/17)

3. Christian radio host Bryan Fischer for calling the LGBTI community literal Nazi storm troopers, saying "The gay Gestapo have the same kind of tactics, the same kind of worldview, the same kind of mentality." (SBS, 15/2/17)

4. Lyle Shelton, Australian Christian Lobby, for equating same sex marriage with Nazi atrocities: "The cowardice and weakness of Australia's 'gatekeepers' is causing unthinkable things to happen, just as unthinkable things happened in Germany in the 1930s." (SMH, 31/5/16) *WINNER*

5. Wendy Francis, Queensland state director of Australian Christian Lobby, for cricitising the ABC after Play School featured two men raising two girls in a segment, saying: "The ABC should also not assume that producing children through harvested eggs and a rented or donated woman’s womb to meet the desires of two men is a public good." (ACL, 28/7/16)


1. Straight journalist Nico Hines from the Daily Beast for setting up a Grindr profile in order to bait male athletes at the Olympic village in Rio, and then wrote an article about it called ‘I Got Three Grindr Dates in an Hour in the Olympic Village’ - including using identifying details about athletes who come from homophobic countries. (SBS, 11/8/16) *WINNER*

2. Fourteen members of the Western Sydney Wanderers fan group, Red and Black Bloc, for unfurling a banner during a match against Sydney FC that was intended to offend by featuring Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold engaged in an oral sex act with a penis. (Huffington Post, 20/2/17)

3. British UFC fighter Michael Bisping who, after winning a championship fight, called his opponent a “faggot” in a post-fight confrontation. (The Guardian, 5/6/16)

Silliest comment made from within the LGBTI community

1. The 'Gays for Trump' campaign defended Trump's announcement that he supports anti-trans laws in North Carolina, which rolled back anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people and introduced regulations to ban transgender women from using the female bathroom on purported ‘safety’ grounds. (Pink News, 7/7/16) *WINNER*

2. Out gay actor Rupert Everett for saying this about Caitlyn Jenner being a trans woman: “When she discovered everyone was either a drug addict or a prostitute, she was absolutely horrified. I don’t think she’s a woman. She’s a cross-dressing man." (Huffington Post, 20/6/16)

3. Outspoken gay billionaire Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal, for donating $1.25 million to Donald Trump, despite the anti-LGBT policy stances of Trump’s campaign, and at the same time the controversy following the release of a tape in which Trump bragged about ‘grabbing women by the pussy’. (Pink News, 17/10/16)


1. One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson for opposing marriage equality, saying: "You want to take something away from the majority of society that we've grown up with. Why do you want to take the word marriage?" (Brisbane Times, 24/9/16)

2. Victorian Liberal MP Louise Staley for saying men identifying as women without undergoing reassignment surgery “are engaging in a radical form of mansplaining”. (Star Observer, 14/9/16)

3. Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald for saying in Parliament during the marriage plebiscite debate: "Clearly there is no discrimination against same-sex couples and hasn't been for many years now". (BuzzFeed, 7/11/16)

4. Unauthorised dodgy election flyers at the federal election printed in Mandarin and distributed in Eastwood that promote the Christian Democratic Party and warned that homosexuality was a "death curse", and that allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice would increase instances of rape. (BuzzFeed, 5/7/16)

5. Labor MLC Greg Donnelly for demanding Albury MP Greg Aplin reveal the names of local public schools signed up to the Safe Schools program, saying: "He is choosing not to act and is therefore giving the nod to our children being exposed to radical sexuality and gender ideology." (Border Mail, 7/3/17)

6. Liberal Senator Eric Abetz for saying people who are homosexual could switch to become straight. When asked if he thought people could stop being who they are, Abetz said: "The evidence that has been given to Senate committees where people who have been in gay relationships have then gone into heterosexual relationships." (The Australian, 4/4/17)

7. Liberal Treasurer Scott Morrison for saying that, if a proposed plebiscite resolved to preserve the current definition of marriage, gay Australians should permanently abandon their pursuit of marriage rights. (The Australian, 28/6/16)

8. Liberal Senator Eric Abetz [again] for saying that flying a rainbow flag in the lobby of a government building represented support for a hostile nation that had declared war on Australia. (SMH, 28/2/17) *WINNER*

9. Liberal Minister Peter Dutton for attacking the heads of Telstra and other large companies for engaging in what he called "fringe issues” such as marriage equality, saying: "...don't jam your politically correct views down our throats." (SBS, 16/3/17)